Jan 25, 2017

"Natural Bridge" Pen, ink, and pencil on paper

"Natural Bridge"
Pen, pencil, ink on paper

          Ever since my dad showed me his pictures from the Edmond Pettus bridge march in 1954, I've had a "thing" for bridges.  The mechanics, structure, planning, & fore-sight it takes to build one decides what gap it must fill, how heavy a load it will burden, and who will cross it. Human made structures are inherently fallible.
          I marched with him in 2014 on the anniversary. The bridge today proudly carries a heavy load, fortified in steel, sticks, & bricks, and allows travelers such as hope, peace, unity cross. Had the engineers ever a clue what movements their bridge would gap, I wonder if it would've been built? Perhaps Mother Nature's structures are simply built to last until they are no longer needed.
           Our global woman's march shows building bridges often comes naturally. This drawing (pencil, pen and ink on paper) comes from my most recent visit to Natural Bridge, NC. Originally used by US natives, taken, and sold by England to Wm. Jefferson, now handed to the state (easily googled). Its a powerful natural structure that remains as a connector from one side to another, even though humans have  attempted to claim ownership, for centuries. I guess Mother Nature has more travelers for it to serve until the gap is filled.

Jan 12, 2017

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"This Green City"

I am really digging into using greens, yellows and dark slate together. I feel colors have a meaning to us. I know it does for me. Of course, the caveat is that I also have #synesthesia.
What do you think of the contrasting combo of mine?
 It is oil pastel on paper? #oilpainting #oilpastel #landscape #art #painting #green #slate #yellow 

 "Storm Ship"
Acrylic and Watercolor on paper

Such a political storm continues to brew. I think of Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" and how similarly this era of confusion steeped in propaganda can appear. I could not watch the press conference, Jan. 11, the Sessions nor the Tiller hearings, only listen as I paint rolling waves and rocking ship.

Acrylic on canvas

As I listen and let this brewing storm ferment, I think of the painting I made for my father,  "Wovoka". Wovoka was the Paiute who helped to encourage the Ghost Dance religion. For my father I say, "Keep the faith".

Jan 8, 2017

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Jan 4, 2017

Various Artwork inspired upon request

This piece was part of the Life Cube Project Burning Man 2015

"Planet Ganesh"
Acrylic paint, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels

Created for a friend

"Disc golf in Autumn"

Pen and ink on canvas

"Dr. J"
Pen and ink on paper. Printed for T-shirts

"Our child"

Pen and ink on paper

Pen and ink on paper


Pen and ink on paper

"Harriet Haus"

Acrylic, oil pastels and pencils


Pen and ink

"kitty monster meme"
Pen and ink on paper

"Mr. Bones and Beatrice"

Pen and ink on paper, green is digitally infused

"Psghetti Monster"

Pen and ink on paper. 

"Son of a Psghetti Monster"

Pen and ink on paper.

"Toads fly"
 Acrylic paint, marker and pencil

Oct 7, 2015

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"Not a Pink Tree"
Mixed-media: Oil paint, paper, ink, oil pastels and pencils

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